I am a Frank Hook Assistant Professor of Economics at Lehigh University. I received my PhD in Economics from Washington University in St. Louis in May 2013, and joined Lehigh University in Fall 2013. My primary research fields are macroeconomics and time series analysis, and my secondary research field is econometrics. In particular, I am interested in developing statistical models that can answer empirical questions about how nonlinearities in the business cycle affect labor markets, and how nonlinearities in the business cycle affect the transmission of policy shocks and demand shocks to output, prices, and wages. My research explores issues such as:

  • What are the causes and consequences of the jobless recoveries that followed the last three recessions?
  • How do recessions affect wage dynamics and price dynamics?
  • What are the effects of implementing fiscal policy changes during recessions and weak recoveries? 

In fall 2017, I am teaching Eco 029: Money, Banking, and Financial Markets and Eco 365: Business, Government, and Macroeconomic Policy (undergraduate/ graduate).  In spring, I teach Eco 460: Time Series Analysis (Graduate).  


Working Papers

Work In Progress

  • Weak Identification, the Pile-up Problem, and Finite-Sample Inference for ARMA Models (with James Morley and Charles R. Nelson)
  • Does Maternity Leave Affect Labor Force Participation and Overall Productivity? Evidence from Emerging Countries. with Erkmen Giray Aslim and Anil Tas. 

Upcoming Presentations

  • I will present "Business Cycle Asymmetries and Slow Recoveries in Labor Markets" on November 17th, 2017 at the Southern Economic Association Meeting held in Tampa, FL